Love ya bunches

Suzanne & Marc

Our StoryNew Beginnings

Discovering the Laws of the Universe

Life offers many challenges, and some goals may seem impossible to obtain. Along our life journey, Marc and I have experienced many failures. We watched people become successful, so we thought “Why not us?”, just to fall flat on our face, time and time again. We were beaten up so many times, the best thing to do was just to give up and go back to work, to a job. So, we did! Being miserable, we felt like this was it for us, it was the end of the line. This is our life and we should just accept it. That was a complete lie!

We started to realize that we were programmed to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The insanity had to stop. But what could we do? We read about gurus that went from rags to riches, but we soon learned that we were being programmed with their way of doing things, and that was not going to work for us.

We had to start somewhere, meaning making a paradigm shift! In order to change something you must change your thinking, emotions and be inspired to action. It sounds simple, right? Well you guessed it, it wasn’t that simple. We spent many years and lots of money, searching for ways to accomplish this simple task that was not so simple. We had to think about creative thinking and inspired action instead of problem solving.

“Noodle Soup for Your Soul” was inspired and developed to achieve this creative goal to help you discover your inner light of love and peace, to learn and accept the truth of self empowerment to create what you love. This is your journey, no one else’s. To help you understand the journey you must understand you. Life is not about failures, there is no such thing. Society labels us as failures and we accept this programming. Life is about learning our lessons and growing..

Change your thinking and change your life! The path is a gritty one , but so worth it.