The healing process you did was perfect timing for me on this topic (of Love) Peaceful, strong and amazing!
Kim Cassel
The healing process (the recode) was beautiful self love is something I struggle with my resistance is down to a 2, I am still processing. You allowed a wonderful space for all of it to come out. You held the space so beautifully to see these things that I didn’t even know where there about my beliefs and such. I unpacked a lot. Thank you.
Charity Golden
An amazing experience. Thank you so much.
Jeff McKinnon
The healing process was great. It didn’t sound like your first recode. You found a few more key words for the pre frame education segment leading into the recode. Very good.
Jim Pickett
What hit me was I recognized someone has love for me. That’s what I was always struggling with this. Somehow I managed to push everyone away from me. I had my reasons why I acted like this all my life. Now it’s time to recognize that people do love me and that’s what happened during the healing process. Before I was in my own world, people did care when I went on my trip to Egypt. I didn’t notify my co-workers when my flight was delayed, and they called the police. They went to my home to check on me. I realize they do care about me, that’s when it hit me. I just got divorced. My ex-husband was with my son, during my trip. My son just said that I was just late. I had lost my phone at the airport, so I was communicating with my sister on WIFI. She told my son what was going on. People do care and I don’t appreciate them. This is Big Something for me.
Ligita Kravchuck
Suzanne has a wonderful insight and very nurturing way of cutting through my life struggles, she has helped by doing just that breaking through areas of my emotional turmoil. She is very patient and an exceptional listener and I mean she really listens and truly dedicates her knowledge, heart and time for her clients.
Aramis Copeland